As of the 1st of January 2016, Vic Roads is offering a 50% discount on 12-month vehicle registrations for eligible trade apprentices. That means a possible saving of up to $385.70! However, the following criterion needs to be met:

  • You must be registered as an apprentice with the Victorian Registrations Qualification Authority (VRQA) in an eligible course
  • The vehicle needs to be registered in your own name (motorcycles, trailers and mobile plant are excluded)
  • Not already have a concession applied to the vehicle(except for discounts for hybrid and electric passenger vehicles)
  • The vehicle must be used for work purposes, including travelling to multiple and varied work sites (this does not include commuting or travel to and from a single work site)
  • You must hold a current drivers license
  • Not already have a trade apprentice discount applied on another vehicle

Once you have received your renewal notice, you will be able to apply online or in store at Vic Roads where you will have to provide them with your VRQA registration number, vehicle registration number and driver's license number. Vic Roads will also verify with your employer that the vehicle is used for work purposes.