I had always liked the thought of donating blood but like everyone life gets busy and there are things you don't get around to doing. So I finally got around to it when our office manager Bev (who makes regular donations) decided to book in some of the GMG staff that were interested. I was quite surprised when the only pain was the initial prick of the needle -the rest of the process was quite relaxing. You get to lay back in a chair and have a 15 minute break from your day while overall the appointment only takes around 40 minutes .There is also the added incentive of free snacks and beverages to refuel once you have completed your donation. 

The donor van now has after-hours appointments as well and will even book you in for your next visit which makes going back very easy once you get the ball rolling. Having just completed my third donation recently, I would recommend donating blood to anyone who is interested.

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