You may have noticed a Google MyBusiness  advertisement coming up a bit more recently in the last few months – most people would think that this is actually a paid advertisement but the internet savvy surfer would recognise this as a Google MyBusiness Page.

Google MyBusiness is a free service available to business owners that allows you to add in all the relevant information for your business – it will then show your address (and can provide GPs directions on smartphones), upload your photo or logo and provide a number that people can call to get access to you (again, very easy on a smartphone).

Signing up for a MyBusiness page is pretty easy – your first step is to Google "Google MyBusiness" (contrary to popular thought, googling google does not crash the internet). You can enter your business information to create your listing or take over an existing one that Google might have created for you. The information that you can provide is pretty limited until you get verified (either via phone or by receiving an automated google post card to your address) but once verified, you can put up anything you like, along with being able to track various metrics like total views or clicks.

Google MyBusiness is a great free tool that all businesses should take advantage of if they aren't already – if you don't feel that it's doing enough to get your business out there, it is also a great pathway into online advertising.