Restart $10,000 Government Wage Subsidies

If you are employing or looking to employ mature aged staff on a full time or permanent part time basis you may be eligible for government assistance of up to $10,000 over a two year period.

The restart program is designed to deliver support to employers who employ mature age job seekers being 50 years of age and over and at the same time will assist mature age job seekers to re-enter the workforce.

In light of Australia's ageing population and the need to become a more productive nation, the contribution of older workers is becoming more crucial to the workplace. When older Australians lose their jobs, they remain unemployed for a much longer period than younger job seekers often because they face significant barriers to finding work.

Restart has been funded for $524.8 million over four years is expected to encourage business owners to give mature workers a chance.


An eligible job seeker is someone who:

  • Is 50 years of age or older;
  • Has been unemployed for six months or more and has been in receipt of any of the following income support payments for six months or more:

Newstart Allowance; Parenting Payment; Disability Support Pension; Bereavement Allowance; Widow Allowance; Carer Payment; Special Benefit; Partner Service Pensioners; War Widows; Age Pension; Mature Age Partner Allowance; Wife Pension; Widows B Pension;

  • Does not have any outstanding workers' compensation claims against the employer; and
  • Is not an immediate family member of the employer.

How to get started


Applications for restart wage subsidy can now be accessed online by visiting

Job Seekers

Job seekers can register with job agencies who are registered providers of the program. To find a provider in your area visit