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Are you frustrated by the returns that your Superannuation has been getting in recent years?? 

Have you ever wondered who make the decisions on how your retirement fund is invested?? 

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Is The Party Business, Your Business?

The names 'Tupperware', 'Lorraine Lea Linen', and 'Chefs Toolbox' often remind people (especially women) of an evening with friends buying high quality products which are more expensive than what you would get in stores, but are also of much higher quality. These types of direct selling companies offer commissions to their sales force in return for them actively selling the products. 

In the last 12 months here in the office, we have had two staff members who have taken up these opportunities so there has been some discussion about when it is no longer classed as a hobby but is a business and so the income needs to be declared. Income in this example is the commission that is earned off sales, not the total sales amount. 

There is a list of questions on the ATO website which help to determine whether the activity you are undertaking is a business or a hobby. They are questions regarding the goal of the activity, manner in which it is undertaken and the characteristics of the activity.

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To build or to buy??

Most people at some point in their lives will be faced with the decision of becoming a homeowner.

For most of us, it comes when we realise we are paying someone else's home loan by renting their house, when we could be paying off our own. 

I decided 18 months ago to take the plunge and become a homeowner, but I was soon faced with a bigger decision to make: To build my home, or to buy an existing home? 

Everyone has their own opinion on this dilemma, it maybe from their own experiences or someone else's that has formed their opinion. There are many things that everyone should consider before making the final decision and here some of the ones that helped me: 

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Sheep or no sheep

The question is often debated about the value of running sheep in a cropping business. We have found that the running of sheep often depends on whether the individual likes or hates sheep. 

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