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From the 1st July 2012 the government requires that all business in the building and construction industry report the payments they make to each contractor for building and construction services.

The ATO will use this information as a cross matching services to ensure all contractors have lodged a tax return and included all their income on these returns.

What does this mean? It means than any one in the building industry, including plumbers and electricians, will need to report to the ATO payments made to any contractors for work completed.

The ATO has started sending business in this industry a letter outlining the reporting requirements and a form to be completed.

On the form you will need to provide your details and the contractors details including ABN, name, address, gross amount paid (only include amounts actually paid not any amounts still owing) and the GST. 

Some accounting programs will have a function that will allow you to create a report that we can lodge electronically to the ATO.

If you are using an accounting program, like QuickBooks or MYOB, make sure you have all the supplier information filled out for your contractors.

The report is due for lodgment by the 28th July 2013 and will be a yearly requirement.

If you would like any further information or help completing the report please contact us at GMG.

Nothing Beats First Hand Knowledge

One Friday 14 members of the Accounting team at GMG jumped in the utes and took off out into the Mallee to visit the White Family to learn more about what farmers actually do, to get an understanding off the challenges they face, about how updates to equipment and technology assist farmers today and a live demonstration of the sowing process.

After a short while in the car we reached our destination in the Manangatang region. What a lovely place, I couldn't understand why I had never actually visited the area before. At our first stop we became familiar with a Disc Seeder, CAT tractor on tracks and a Grouper.  Many including myself had no idea what a Grouper actually was, it was interesting to see how it worked and the efficiencies it created with the speed in filling the seed box with seed and fertiliser in the paddock.

Andy backing up the grouper to the seed box. RIGHT HAND DOWN ANDY!!

In the same paddock we were shown different soil types and it was explained to us what strategies are used to maximise yields in any given paddock as well as the pro's and con's of sandy soil versus more heavy clay type soil.

It was interesting to hear how heavy country in the past was something that farmers really wanted because it was able to grow better crops with lower rainfall and how sand was generally considered more difficult land to farm and hence worth less. What our client explained was with new technology, new and improved grain variety's and farming practices that preserve soil moisture this has resulted in a move towards some of the lighter soils which have now started performing well.

We got an insight into the different varieties of grain and why farmers rotate from one variety to the next. What Rust is, I thought rust was something usually found on a Holden or Ford. Rust is dispersed by wind or moisture it is actually a fungus type disease that attaches itself to the plant and can significantly reduce yields if left unattended.  

Sam's rig in action (above)

Direct Drill          

At our second stop we were shown a tine seeder, spray truck, header and various other pieces of equipment used over the years and still used today. A slightly different, larger and possibly more sophisticated seeder is the Tine Seeder, which offered other advantages over the disc seeder such as consistent seed depth and accuracy in hilly country, it also packed the dirt down better which helped trap the moisture in which encourages seed germination.  

It was explained to us the challenges that farmers are faced with this year due to the lack of any post harvest rains, moisture being a major issue but also the difficulties of weed control when it does rain and how seeds from previous harvests are usually eradicated with summer rain and summer sprays.

We were given an insight into how the GPS and Auto steer assist farmers to gain efficiency with driver accuracy. It is amazing how accurate GPS can be compared to driving freehand and over a large paddock how much land would either be missed or overlapped hence wasting time, fuel, chemical, seed etc. DVD players and TV's also play a part in farming! The idea being the help to keep the driver awake and allows the driver to spend more time behind the wheel, sure beats staring out into the paddock for 12 hours straight. 

CAT Tractor &Tine  Seeder

Overall it was a very informative and interesting trip, we all learnt so much from it. Thank you very much to the White family for taking the time to educate us on grain farming, I think it was an eye opener for us to see just how involved and sophisticated the industry has become.




In a country town like Swan Hill, footy and netball is an important feature in the community. Weekend sport plays a huge part in work life balance for a lot of us. Work life balance describes the relationship between your work and the commitments in the rest of your life, and how they impact on one another.

For me, mid week netball is where it is at! Playing mid week has been such a great way to meet some new people, have a run around and a laugh with friends. Being undefeated and on top of the ladder is just an added bonus!

I haven't played a game of netball in six years so I'm much more comfortable getting back into it in an environment that is not so serious. I am playing in the Women's competition so we play Wednesday nights at the Basketball Stadium. It is fun, flexible and friendly and a great way to get back into fitness. Plus, it's indoors so no risk of those horrible weather conditions like rain and being frozen.

Go Tiges!

Mother's Day Challenge

Mothers Day – a chance to spend time with and appreciate our lovely mums and thank them for everything they do for us.
For some people over the last 15 years, it has also been an opportunity to raise money for breast cancer research by running in the Mothers Day Classic. This year, I was one of those people.

I arrived at Beischer Park in Bendigo around 8:30am on Sunday. It was quite fresh and there was already a large amount of people gathered.
The 8km run was underway, and had been completed by some people already. I was running the 4km option and had roped my younger sister into joining me.
Neither of us have been runners in the past and it was the first time anyone in our family had decided to do a fun run. We set ourselves a goal of 30 minutes for completing the 4km circuit around Beischer Park and the Kennington Reservoir, and we finished in a time of 34:28 minutes.
There were times when I felt the need to slow to a walk, but still kept the pace up as much as possible. I'm proud of completing the run (my sister and I have differing views on how much of it I ran. She thinks three quarters, I think two thirds) and am also proud to have contributed $495 to breast cancer research.
Crossing the finish line and seeing my mum, dad, older sister and boyfriend waiting for me was a great feeling. They were all so proud of us for completing it – and mum suggested making it even more of a family event next year.

I chose to participate in the run because it is a cancer that affects so many people. As I get older and get to know more people, I'm realising that more and more people in my life have been affected by it.

Knowing now that I have what it takes to physically complete a fun run, I'm keen to do more - even though two days after, my legs are still really sore! 

Entertaining Clients

We, Rosalie, Jacqueline and Kathleen AKA 'The Three Wise Monkeys' were given a task to organise the SMSF seminar which was held at the Swan Hill Club on the 22nd of last month. The three of us really got our teeth into it as we wanted to make this an enjoyable evening for our Clients, rather than something boring put on by Accountants. 

During the preparation our competitive sides really kicked in. It became a competition of who could get the most acceptances on their list with the winner not having to clean up at the end of the night. Now without saying who, one of us took the initiative of asking all staff members if they were attending the seminar which made them the overall winner with a total of 44 attendees.

On the night we decided to have dinner before the seminar. As it turned out a number of Clients had the same idea. Some tried investing their money in those noisy flashing machines, but with not much luck. Good thing Hamish shared his wisdom and had some alternatives for us all. 

Following the seminar, most stayed on to enjoy a cuppa, a bite to eat and a good catch up. We really enjoyed putting names to faces and can't wait for the next seminar. We think the only thing that could have made it more enjoyable for us is if we won Tatts Lotto and had money to invest!     

The Admin Team: (The Three Wise Monkeys)

Kathleen, Jacqueline and Rosalie

The Wonderful World of Winter Sports

    Trent Collins, Reece Collins, Shaun Lawry

Around these parts, sport, in particular, football is an institution. Not in a Texas High School, Friday Night Lights kind of way, but we love our footy and netball here, and a few of us in the GMG office are no exception to the rule. Now I'm not going to bang on about arguably what many of us consider to be the best club on the planet - COLLINGWOOD, but I will tell you a little bit about my new club, Charlton.

The Charlton Football club is actually made up of the Charlton Football, Hockey & Netball Club and brings together a range of great characters from around the town and district. The club have been fantastic in welcoming myself, my wife Teagan & our 2 children into their community. My future brother in-law, Reece Collins is the coach of the senior football team, Leanne Gretgrix is the senior coach of the hockey team & Tessa Burton is the coach of the A grade netball team.

The first 2 rounds have seen this old boy kick a few goals before running out of steam, but that's just due to what I thought was a massive pre-season, but turns out the work rate might not be at where it used to be! The senior football , A grade netball & the senior hockey teams are all 2 wins from 2 games. All teams have had an even contribution right across the board but there's still a few areas that need improvement.


Have you ever been to Charlton?  Have you ever seen a hockey game played at the same place as football and netball? If you answered NO to any, or all of these, I have the solution for you…….. COME TO CHARLTON FOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlton Football Club (inc Netball & Hockey Clubs) are holding a sponsorship and family day on the 4th of May, it is a home game VS Boort.  Come along & enjoy a great day out!

Dont forget to drop into GMG Accountings new office located in the main street of Charlton! Myself & Jess Round visit the office every Thursday!

The Best Things In Life Are Free

They say that the best things in life are free, and although I agree with that about 91.2% of the time,  I did indeed get a wonderful reminder of that over the Easter break.  I guess the 9.8% of me believes that yes getting out into nature and spending time with family is indeed free,  but you need to fill the car (which costs you $) with fuel (which also costs $$) to be able to get to them in the first place,  or get deep into said nature.

One of life's joys is being able to go out in a boat (which cost $) fishing with my son Dwayne and 2 grand sons â€" Jet aged 7 and Mitch aged 4. Not only is this a brilliant time of the year to indulge in a little fishing and camping,  but the weather has been fantastic and so taking young gentlemen outdoors is a lot easier when you're not having to contend with the elements like wind and rain!

In the Swan Hill region we're incredibly lucky to live in the midst of 5 rivers, and on one of the longest rivers in the world - the Mighty Murray River,  which has had, and continues to have it's share of environmental struggles like black water, salinity, European carp etc.  These are truly magnificent natural resources we have here,  which allows the production of some of the finest foods in the world in our fruit & vegetable domestic and export markets and our growing nut exports further downstream.  I do believe it's important to teach our young people the importance of such brilliant rivers and how to look after themselves when around it,  and how to nurture the longevity of the river itself.  So taking my boys out on the river is such an important exercise in so many ways.  For the grandson's it was all about fun and fishing. Result of 1 hour fishing = 16 e European carp and loads of smiles and fun had by all.


The best thing about it was of course the passing on of my knowledge.  It's almost like it was the first time I realized I was the elder in the group,  and passing on my stories, teachings and rules about the river.  But if we can all pass on the knowledge we have acquired about respect for the river, the rules and enjoying the outdoors, well we might just have passed on something more valuable than we can ever imagine to future generations,  and that, my friends is truly one of life's greatest, free gifts.


Team Bonding

Being a new year Justin thought this year we should do some team bonding sessions. A good way to get us away from our desks, become closer as a team and in the end result in more productivity. What a great idea, we could go out for lunch together, go to a seminar together…

Noooo we all did a boot camp session together!

Justin asked me to run a boot camp for our team, I thought great a chance to yell at my bosses and tell them what to do. As young energetic accountants we accepted the challenge, even some of the mature accountants joined in for the fun.

On Tuesday morning 5th March I took Justin's team for a team bonding boot camp class. Bright and early (pardon the pun, it was actually pretty dark) Justin, Daniel, Ash, Andy, Bev and Rosalie joined me down at Riverside park for their first boot camp. I was immediately impressed that everyone actually turned up.

I told everyone that was not a class to see who was the fittest/best it was more about encouraging each other and having fun. We stated off with a short warm up run/walk. Well the boys all took off quickly out in front to show off who was the best. While Bev and Rosalie paced them selves and when the boys turned to come back the girls ran to the finish line and beat the boys! After stretching (getting their breaths back) for 5 minutes we moved onto the torture of 10 steps. We warmed our arms and legs up a bit more with some step ups and dips. We then paired up for the next activity, one which was meant to be a good encouraging activity. One person was in plank position while the other had to run up and down the 10 steps 3 times. The person in plank was meant to encourage the person running but as they were all out of breath for most of the activity not much encouragement was heard. It was then time to get a bit wet & dirty on the grass. I had everyone at a different station doing different exercises after so many we would swap and run to the next station. It's good to know even accountants hate burpees!!

After trying to do team encouragement activities I could see everyone was more interested in winning. So it was time to bring out some challenges… Everyone had to army crawl 100 meters the first one to the end won. I also would yell out random commands that they had to get up and do. A close finish between Andy, Ash & Daniel, however Andy was crowned the winner of that challenge. Everyone looked to be pretty exhausted so it was time to sit on our towels… and work our abs!! When everyone that wasn't asleep had warmed up their core I set another challenge. Who could hold a plank for the longest? The end came down to Andy & Ash. After 1 minute and 35 seconds Ash dropped to crown Andy the champion once again. I told Andy to keep holding and make 2 minutes but he dropped telling me that it's not about self satisfaction it's about winning!! Mmmm make us feel real good being beaten by a 60 year old! Finally the session was over and it was time to stretch. I asked everyone to give a different stretch we all had to do, not sure if just laying there was stretch?? A solid 50 minutes of boot camp and everyone was keen to get away from me.

Overall our team boot camp was a great team bonding session! A good way to do a bit of physical activity, some encouragement for each other, a few laughs and lots of sore muscles. I think it was fair to say not many were talking to me Wednesday! Although the pain was quickly forgotten, most of them are keen to do it again!

Have You Lost Your Super?

In recent changes, thousands of untouched super account balances will be handed over to the Australian Taxation Office.
The ATO is likely to receive a massive windfall if members of these lost and unclaimed accounts don't take action to recover these funds.

Previously the ATO could receive super accounts with balances of less than $200, however this amount has been increased to balances of up to $2,000. Superannuation fund providers have until May 31 to transfer these accounts across to the ATO. 

Lost super sits in funds and belongs to people who have usually changed their name, address or job and cannot be found by their fund. 

Unclaimed super is when the member meets eligibility requirements to withdraw it but the super fund cannot contact them. 

If you think you may have a lost or unclaimed super account you can do free online searches at   SuperSeeker, AUSfund or FindMySuper. 

SuperSeeker also allows you to check your current super accounts and transfer your super to the super account you want to continue using.

If you need any further information, or would like some help finding or consolidating your super please give us a call.

Australia Day


On Australia Day we come together as a nation to celebrate what's great about Australia and being Australian. It's the day to reflect on what we have achieved together and what we can be proud of in our great nation "the land of opportunity". 

On Australia Day, almost all of Australians will attend either an organised community event, or get together with family and friends with the intention of celebrating our national day. Many more spend the public holiday relaxing with family and friends. 

What makes an Australia Day barbecue a true Aussie experience isn't just the thrill of the grill and the great Aussie produce you can put on it but everything that goes around it â€" your friends, family and the tunes the Triple J hottest 100 (kicks off around mid-day Saturday). Who will finish at number 1 this year? 2012 was Gotye and he went on to become a star around the world, will it be Perth's Tame Impala or Aussie rapper 360?.  

Who would you invite to your Aussie BBQ? 

My choices are…

  • WARNIE Maybe not the current "Pommie" version he is a bit of a toss 
  • PAUL REIFFEL: Will provide the backyard cricket umpiring
  • THE MELBOURNE VIXENS NETBALL TEAM â€"  Yeah. They are good fun...

Have a nice day and weekend. 

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