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Everyday Hero

Herald Sun | Citylink Run for the Kids 2012

Some would say that working a 5 day week is a marathon but I say why stop on the weekends! I have recently signed myself up to do the Run for the Kids Marathon. I have 66 Days left of training before hopefully completing the run. Call me crazy, however I enjoy the challenge I will be faced with.

Last year I completed a 42km Walking/Pushing a Wheelchair Marathon which raised funds for the Swan Hill ECU bus. This year I'm upping the pace and doing my first 15km running Marathon. The Run for the Kids Marathon raises funds for the Good Friday Appeal, Royal Children's Hospital.

The Run for the Kids Marathon takes place on Sunday24th of March. I will start and end my 15km journey in the Kings Domain. During the run I will be faced with running through the Domain Tunnel, along the West Gate Freeway, over the Bolte Bridge and through the CBD.

If you would like to donate to me and help out the Royal Children's Hospital please CLICK HERE. Don't forget any donation over $2 you make is Tax deductable ;)

You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Country


Growing up in Swan Hill must have made somewhat of an impression on me as now I have made the trek back. My name is Georgia McEwan and I'm the most recent addition to the team at GMG Financial Group. I have spent the past five years in the amazing city of Melbourne studying, working and meeting lots of fabulous people. I completed my Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at La Trobe University in 2010. After working in Management Accounting for a year at a company in Melbourne, I decided I wanted to get a stronger foundation in tax. In addition to this, my CPA studies are next on the list and I'm keen to get into the first subject in a few weeks time. 

As soon as I walked through the GMG door I felt a welcoming, friendly vibe and was excited about my new prospects and opportunities here. Put straight into the 'A team' (of course) alongside Rick, Shaun, Andrew and Beth I have found my first month to be great. The Christmas Party was a perfect opportunity to get to know everyone on a more personal level and proved to be quite a night.

One of the biggest perks about coming back to Swan Hill has been moving in with Mum and Dad. With minimal expenses, food on the table and a housecleaner who knocks over the chores - life is a breeze! The sole problem I'm faced with now is deciding what car I'm going to buy myself!

I'm looking forward to being back in the community and furthering my career with GMG Financial Group.  

Banklink Notes Everywhere You Go!

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you might have seen our recent post about BankLink Notes Online.  You can use it on your desktop, on the cloud and now from mobile devices.

BankLink Notes Mobile can be accessed from your Android or Apple devices making it easier for you to complete your coding for your favourite people – us!

To get started, we simply set your BankLink account to be used online.  If you have not used BankLink Notes Online before, you will receive a username and temporary password.  You will also receive an email with a link when you have data to code.  Simply open this second email on your mobile device, save the application to your homepage (there is an option to do this down the bottom of the screen) and sign in like you would normally with Notes Online.

You can access all of your uncoded data, type narrations and send it back to us all from your mobile phone or tablet.

This application does require an internet connection and it will let you know if your connection drops out.  This is because, like BankLink Notes Online, it uses the cloud to access and send data.

If your business is utilizing mobile technology, or you have a tablet instead of a computer, this is a fantastic option for you.

If you would like further information on using BankLink Notes Mobile, please contact our office.

Merry Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Less than 3 weeks to Christmas and 4 weeks to 2013!

For kids waiting for Santa the time can't go quick enough for everyone else it may go too quick.

Christmas is a great time to catch up with family and friends, stay home and relax or go away for a well deserved holiday.  This year I am staying home after going to Melbourne for Christmas last year and then tackling the Boxing Day sales.

It is also a time of religion, decorating, parties, shopping, gifts, drinking/eating too much and backyard cricket!

As part of GMG's Christmas celebrations we have a staff Kris Kringle each year.  This involves everyone picking an envelope with a persons name inside and (anonymously) purchasing this person a gift to put under our Christmas tree.  On our last working day for the year we have a lunch together and the gifts are given out and opened.  We are then continuing our celebrations at our Christmas party.

I have passed on my wish list and hopefully there will be lots of presents under the tree – especially since I have spoilt a particular someone!!

For anyone that is working over the holiday period, especially the farmers, hopefully you can have at least Christmas day off to relax and enjoy the day.

 GMG will be closing on Friday 21st of December and reopening on Wednesday 2nd January.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year.

Mad Dogs & Old Men Go Out In The Midday Sun

Yes it is over 60's cricket . I was fortunate to team up with old friends from the University of New England and play in the Aust over 60's cricket championships in Adelaide this month.
We fielded 2 UNEX teams in divisions 3 & 4 and were competitive finishing in the top halves of each group .

The picture is of the UNEX team I played with in Division 3 ( the guy on the left in the back row was SACA umpire , it pays to keep sweet ) .  We played 4 games of 40 over's in 5 days . All games went down to the wire . Generally the batters did well, the bowlers struggled and the fielding was very average . It was a great carnival of the spirit of cricket

The skills came back and the friendships blossomed . The rehab on the knees continue


Movember the month that women dread and fans of Merv Hughes & David Boon embrace.

Movember has grown from 30 participants in 2003 to over one million in 2012 and has raised over 300 million dollars globally. The funds raised in Australia support equally the two biggest health issues men face – prostate cancer and male mental health.

This year at GMG we have a team of moustache growers and those of you who have visited the office will no doubt have seen some interesting mo's floating around. Our aim as a team is to raise $1,000 and with our total currently sitting on $150 we still have  a bit of work to do.

My own mo has been struggling to get noticed due to its bright blonde colour but I will fix that up with a bit of moustache dye this week. I will be looking rather foolish for the next two weeks so if you have some money to spare please follow the links below to donate to me or the GMG Team and make all the heckling worthwhile

Who Are You?

We recently had a management retreat . One of the surveys we did amongst ourselves, prior to it , was to answer whether we thought as an individual ,the glass was half full               (optimist) or half empty (pessimist) . We then had to classify the other attendees . The results were very interesting and illuminating . Some quotes below were used in discussions


If you want a interesting time or a quiet time, do this exercise with your spouse or partner ( good luck )


Optimist --- sees opportunity in every difficulty

Pessimist -- sees difficulty in every opportunity

Winston Churchill


Quotes from the Lewis Carroll " Through the looking Glass "

Who are you ?

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there."

I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then. "


Call us.... Call us now!

We would like to introduce the administration team at GMG accounting: We are your first point of contact.

Rosalie has been with the firm for 10 years and is Rick, Geoff, Justin, Shaun & Rene's CSO.
Belinda has been with the firm for 7 years and is Andy & Ash's CSO.
Linda has been with the firm for 13 months and is our receptionist and last and by no means least Jacqueline who has been with the  firm for 9 ½  months, she is our debtor controller, so if you don't pay your accounts on time, you no doubt will get a call from Jacqueline. If you have any account queries, please feel free to contact her.



  • Any of us can make appointments for our Swan Hill, Balranald or Charlton Offices.
  • We can send financial statements and tax returns to banks, finance companies, Centrelink
  • We can apply for business names, ABN's and TFN
  • We can contact the ATO with your tax and or payment queries
  • We can contact ASIC with any of your company queries
  • We can accept payment of your accounts over the phone with credit cards & eftpos
  • We can liaise with the partners if they are unavailable, feel free to discuss any issues with us. We will get back to you.
  • When you come in for your appointment, we will even make you  cuppa if you wish.


Hope to see you soon.


The Swan Hill Show S.W.O.T analysis

The team representing GMG Accounting at the show have completed a S.W.O.T Analysis for you and the show committee to consider!  It's this week's featured blog!


·         Attraction/entertainment. Something to do

·         Family friendly

·         Educational – machinery, horses, livestock etc

·         Market style stalls – business advertising opportunity

·         Always something happening

·         Generates business for locals

·         Machinery

·         Fireworks

·         Late finishing Saturday

·         Tug of War


·         Cost – entry, rides, show bags, food etc

·         Doesn't appeal to 18-25 year olds

·         The date can clash with large events

·         Food – some have certain dietary requirements

·         No rodeo


·         Local business advertisement – market stalls

·         Agriculture/equestrian – chance to show livestock/skills

·         Rodeo

·         Appeal to all ages – Saturday night entertainment, 18+ section with alcohol

·         Dietary requirements – more food options

·         Public holiday Friday

·         Wrist bands for rides – unlimited, include entry, certain times

·         Big screen if clashing with events such as AFL grand final

·         More rides – ferris wheel, worm etc


·         Weather – bad weather, bad show, low entry levels

·         Dirty perception – rides, food etc

·         Melbourne show & other events around the same time (Deni ute muster, AFL Grand Final)

·         Not appealing to all age groups

The Show

On Friday 5th October, the 'straight six' (junior accountants) were treated to a day at the Swan Hill show.
It was a great opportunity for Charles, Gemma, Maria, Danielle, Beth and Ash to re-live their childhood memories. With excitement, we made our first stop at the animal nursery, where we played with the puppies, baby goats and lambs, before moving on to the bulls, to seeing how big they really were.

Then, of course, we had to do the rides. First stop was 'The Tilt', where the girls enjoyed a ride and left Charles holding the handbags. Other highlights included the Gravatron, where we though we might see Charles' breakfast make an appearance, and the dodgem cars, where Gemma made it her mission to knock everyone out. After a typical show lunch of Dagwood Dogs, chips and doughnuts, we watched some equestrian and then ventured over to the machinery section, where Ash and Danielle received a personalized tour of the inside of a header, including the built-in fridge under the seat. 

We made our way over to the pavilion, checking out the handwriting skills and artistic flair of the competitors, including the cooking and art and craft. Danielle then gave us a demo of the tug-o-war contraption she would be competing in the next day (which she ended up winning!)

We checked out the showbags and enjoyed a slushie before looking through the market tents, checking out what the locals had on offer. It was then time to play a game on the clowns, each of us winning an amazing prize of a flower.

As the day was coming to a close, we sat down and watched the cow judging. While our knowledge of the judging process was not vast, we still took our bets on which cow would come out on top, and had some success. We also wandered over to the pet show, where the highlight was a very smartly dressed Shetland pony. 

After a great day had by all, we headed home to rest our weary bodies. Swan Hill Show, twelve thumbs up!

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