In the office recently we conducted a session on Personal Efficiency. We all only have a limited amount of hours in the day, how do we make our time at work the most efficient that it can be?

Below are some of the ideas we shared in our personal development session.

Preparing for work:

  • Ensure you have enough sleep
  • Eat breakfast 
  • Be healthy and active
  • Manage your mood (try to maintain a positive attitude)
  • Leave home at home (and work at work)
  • Drink plenty of water

At work:

  • Arrive to work on time
  • Make a 'to do' list:
    • Do it each night before leaving work so you can start straight away in the morning
    •  Prioritise the list
  • Organise your workspace:
    • Clear clutter from your desk/workspace
    • Organise your emails (use sub folders, flags and categories)
    • Save a list of passwords so they are easy to find when needed
    • Save an excel list of shortcuts to websites/documents you frequently use
  • Eliminate distractions:
    • Put the mobile phone away (they can become more a hindrance than a help) 
    • Emails
      •  set specific times to check emails (first thing in the morning/after lunch)
      • remove pop up notifications 
    • Block out your calendar if you have a specific task to complete
  • Have regular breaks
  • Delay non important jobs (add them to your to do list)
  • Understand your most productive times of the day (Schedule task that require full concentration for these times)
  • Understand what motivates you
  • Share idea on how to best use the technology you have

Job/Task Specific:

  • Understand the job/task before you start
  • Break job/task down into smaller tasks (Makes it less overwhelming)
  • Manage your time on tasks (Understand the budget – how many hours should it take)
  • Have a structured process for each time you prepare similar tasks
  • Dedicate your full attention to the one job/task at a time (Less likely to make mistakes)
  • If you have certain tasks to do daily/weekly set time aside in your calendar
  • Don't put off the difficult jobs, just do it, it will help clear your head for the rest of the day
  • Seek help from others when needed
  • Be an active learner, everyone makes mistakes, try to improve next time
  • Be confident in your abilities