On Friday 5th October, the 'straight six' (junior accountants) were treated to a day at the Swan Hill show.
It was a great opportunity for Charles, Gemma, Maria, Danielle, Beth and Ash to re-live their childhood memories. With excitement, we made our first stop at the animal nursery, where we played with the puppies, baby goats and lambs, before moving on to the bulls, to seeing how big they really were.

Then, of course, we had to do the rides. First stop was 'The Tilt', where the girls enjoyed a ride and left Charles holding the handbags. Other highlights included the Gravatron, where we though we might see Charles' breakfast make an appearance, and the dodgem cars, where Gemma made it her mission to knock everyone out. After a typical show lunch of Dagwood Dogs, chips and doughnuts, we watched some equestrian and then ventured over to the machinery section, where Ash and Danielle received a personalized tour of the inside of a header, including the built-in fridge under the seat. 

We made our way over to the pavilion, checking out the handwriting skills and artistic flair of the competitors, including the cooking and art and craft. Danielle then gave us a demo of the tug-o-war contraption she would be competing in the next day (which she ended up winning!)

We checked out the showbags and enjoyed a slushie before looking through the market tents, checking out what the locals had on offer. It was then time to play a game on the clowns, each of us winning an amazing prize of a flower.

As the day was coming to a close, we sat down and watched the cow judging. While our knowledge of the judging process was not vast, we still took our bets on which cow would come out on top, and had some success. We also wandered over to the pet show, where the highlight was a very smartly dressed Shetland pony. 

After a great day had by all, we headed home to rest our weary bodies. Swan Hill Show, twelve thumbs up!