The question is often debated about the value of running sheep in a cropping business. We have found that the running of sheep often depends on whether the individual likes or hates sheep. 

Analysis from the Grains Research and Development Corporation 's Grain and Graze project reveals that grain is a riskier enterprise than livestock because returns are susceptible to greater volatility in both price and yield. In comparison, livestock yields tend to remain relatively stable. However, the potential returns in cropping are far greater than livestock 

So the question moves from personal likes or dislikes to one of risk versus returns. Everyone has a different risk tolerance and it is important for farmers to review theirs. Farmers can calculate expected profits using a range of prices, yields and costs to show the volatility ( risk ) of cropping and grazing . 

It still may come down to whether you hate sheep or not, but you might find a reason to like them more.