Feel like you don't know where your money is disappearing to?

As a 19 year old in my first year as a full time employee, I was often left wondering what my money was going towards. From not having to worry about what I was spending whilst at school to having to save money for the necessities such as rent, bills and food while still trying to spare some for weekends out with friends, the word 'overwhelmed' comes to mind.

Fortunately for me, GMG have started offering a "Money Matters" program to our clients. They suggested I download a handy app called 'Track my Spend' (free from the App Store). This app allows you to record each little thing you spend money on for a period of time and it's surprising how quickly the little things add up. From that I was able to have a go at our Money Matters Project – helping me to figure out where my money was going and redirect some of it into a savings account.

If you are tired of stressing about money and want to feel like you are in control of your finances, give us a call on 5032 9422 and make a "Money Matters" appointment.